martes, 13 de marzo de 2012

Fashion Around the World - A Brief Intro

Maybe you’ve wondered how it is for fashion students around the world? Can you study fashion in Peru? What is it like in Finland or India? Maybe you never have, and I honestly never thought about either until recently.
It was late in the afternoon and my first time in London, I left the student’s hall to walk around the city. At the same time two people left behind me. They were speaking Spanish, so I turned around to ask the typical question: where are you from?
Both looked very ‘fashionista’; he was in a suit, looking very formal, she was wearing a short skirt, 5” heels and had really long black hair.
They were Honduran and they were taking fashion courses at Central Saint Martins. They were on their way to Topshop at Oxford Circus. He said he was a stylist and she was a blogger, I confessed to just being a fashion student.
She was really quiet, while he was quite chatty. “In Honduras you can’t study fashion, you have to work,” he mentioned. We walked together to the tube and then went our separate ways. After that, I never saw them again.
A month had gone by and I was back home, but I kept on thinking about what he had said, so, I Googled ‘Fashion blog Honduras’. The first blog that came out on the searcher’s list was hers, ‘Third World Fashionista‘. I read the blog title; I laughed, I read her profile: “I was born and raised in a place where fashion is only about matching.”


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